The founder of Miami Cigar. Beginning out of the trunk of her car in 1989, Mariana was able to grow her small business, year after year, with her hard work and dedication to customer service. Her story is one to be admired as an exemplar of the American Dream: she came from Cuba with little more than a vision for her future and now she’s surpassed all initial company aspirations. Today, Miami Cigar serves over 1,200 cigar retailers throughout the United States with additional distribution in 25 different countries.


Miami Cigar grew and prospered and, in 1994, it was time for Mariana to hire her first full time employee. Her only son, Daniel, had just returned from Suffolk University in Boston and began working for the family business. Daniel was an instant asset to Miami Cigar and quickly took control of company operations. His role continued to evolve, and Daniel was appointed Director in 2000. He effectively ran the business until his untimely passing in 2008. In honor of Daniel, the company released a special edition cigar, Danno, to commemorate all that he did for Miami Cigar.


Similar to Daniel, Tatiana began her Miami Cigar tenure in 1994. While enrolled at the University of Florida, Tatiana spent her summer and winter breaks helping run the family business. In 1998, the company decided to release their first namesake product, Tatiana Cigars, after the family’s only daughter. Tatiana Cigars is recognized as the #1 flavored premium cigar in the nation and is distributed in over 25 countries worldwide.


In 1995, Miami Cigar was ready to take the next step forward in the premium cigar world and the family was well aware who was needed to make this happen. Working for Southern Wine & Spirits at the time, Mariana’s husband, Nestor, realized that it was time for him to take his talents to Miami Cigar on a full time basis. From Day One, Nestor was not afraid to get out into the territory and visit customers, and he instantly became the face of Miami Cigar. In 2006, the company released the Nestor Miranda Special Selection in honor of the contributions he has made.


In 2009, Miami Cigar’s 20th anniversary, the Miranda’s son-in-law, Jason Wood, began working with the company. From the onset of his tenure, the family made it a priority for him to learn each segment of the business. This emphasis has allowed him the opportunity to now oversee the company in his position as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.